Stan Routh

Stan RouthFrom an architectural background that includes a masters degree in history and design, a European travel and study fellowship and his own professional practice since 1962, Stan Routh has devoted his life to visual recordings of the things people all remember. Country stores, churches, old homesteads, bridges, barns, and other structures which catch his eye or his heart.

Stan tries to achieve a feeling of his work spontaneously exploding to fruition. Often his subjects fall victim to progress and his sketches and paintings are all that remain to remind us and future generations of their usefulness.

Born in New Orleans in 1934, the only son of a construction engineer who built dams and bridges, Stan Routh has always been on the move. His father’s work took Stan all over the southeastern states until they settled in Baton Rouge in 1947. He attended public schools in Baton Rouge, and completed the study of architecture at the University of Illinois. He finished the five year course in 1956 at the top of his class and was awarded a six month traveling fellowship in Europe. He earned a Masters Degree in History and Design in 1958.

After two years of active duty in the Corps of Engineers with an honorable discharge as Captain, Stan opened his own architectural office in 1962. Professional delineation, design consultation, and his architectural practice allowed little time for fi ne art until 1973, when at the request of friends he entered his first art competition. The first place blue ribbon and sale of a watercolor of a plantation house “lit the fire.” Shortly thereafter a bicentennial commission asked him to sketch landmarks of architectural and/or historical significance for a fund raising project. By 1976 his work was in juried competitions throughout the southeast and his son Craig was accompanying him to prestigious shows like Disney World’s Festival of Masters in Orlando, Florida. Stan’s work has won over 100 awards including Best of Shows in five States.

More of his works can be viewed and purchased
at the Stan Routh Art Gallery.


Bayou Pigeon, Louisiana
Spirit of the Atchafalaya

Bayou Pigeon, Louisiana - Spirit of the Atchafalaya - book cover

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